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At KS3, students engage with the culture of the French/Spanish-speaking world through authentic texts and other media and develop their communication skills through listening, reading, writing and speaking. They will learn how to describe and give opinions about themselves and others around them and will progress to understanding and relating information about past, present and future events.


At KS4, students follow the AQA specification through the study of three themes: Identity and Culture; Local, National, International and Global Areas of Interest; Current and Future Study and Employment.


Students will be able to communicate and interact effectively in speech and in writing for a variety of purposes across a range of specified contexts as well as engaging in the culture of the French/Spanish-speaking world and experiencing enrichment activities.


Languages is an extremely popular subject at Our Lady’s with a substantial number of students going on to study a language at further education. Staff are committed, motivated and employ engaging and innovative teaching methods such as the use of authentic texts and other media, the use of interactive whiteboards, the use of ICT, and offering a range of cultural enrichment activities.


Miss Beard is Head of MFL
Mrs. Woodcock is Head of French. 


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Faculty Leader:

Miss L Beard



Mrs E Stewart
Miss E Watkins
Mrs S Woodcock