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Modern Foreign Languages

Independent Activities and Challenges


Faculties across Our Lady’s have provided a non-exhaustive list of activities and challenges to engage and support your child in their learning. Please encourage your child to take part in the activities:


Modern Foreign Languages

  • Research ingredients for a French/Spanish dish and try to make it.
  • Visit the Spanish learning centre ‘Instituto de Cervantes’ or French learning centre ‘L’Alliance Française’ in central Manchester.
  • Log on to (password: revision) and research vocabulary for a new topic in French/Spanish.
  • Speak French/Spanish to friends or family who speak the language.

  • Visit a French/Spanish restaurant and speak French/Spanish to the waiter.

  • Research a French/Spanish speaking celebrity and design a poster about them using the French/Spanish vocabulary.

  • Attend MFL reading club at school.

  • Watch a French/Spanish film and listen to some French/Spanish music on YouTube.

  • Teach someone at home a word in French/Spanish each day.

  • Change your settings on your computer / XBOX / phone to French/Spanish.

  • Make your own French/Spanish phrase book.

  • Complete the music challenge uploaded to Kanexion each week.