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Languages are extremely popular subjects at Our Lady’s with a substantial number of pupils going on to study a language at further education. Pupils enjoy studying the culture/learning about the culture of the French/Spanish-speaking world and developing their communication skills through listening, reading, speaking and writing, whilst experiencing a variety of enrichment activities.


The Languages department offers French and Spanish at both KS3 and KS4. Students who speak a language other than English at home also have the opportunity to sit a GCSE exam in that language.


At KS3, as well as engaging with French/Spanish culture, they will be able to express opinions about themselves and the world around them and will progress to relating information about past, present and future events. At KS4, students follow the AQA specification through the study of three themes: Identity and Culture; Local, National, International and Global Areas of Interest; Current and Future Study and Employment.


The Languages curriculum reflects the diversity of our school in which we welcome, encourage and strive for all our pupils to achieve.