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Within the technology team, we believe in a lets give it a go approach. The technology department is positioned in the south wing of the school, which houses 5 classrooms: 2 food rooms, 1 ICT/ health and social care room, 1 DT room and 1 textiles room.


Technology covers a multitude of subject knowledge that ensures young people to gain skills that they can use beyond the classroom in order to survive in the world. Technology has many subjects present in the curriculum such as maths, English, science, physical education, PSHCE, just a few to mention.


Technology provides young people with experiential learning, allowing individuals to showcase their gifts and talents using a variety of materials eg: wood, acrylic, food ingredients, fabric, ICT packages etc.


Years 7 & 8 have 3 lessons over a 2 week period. Year 9,10 & 11 have 5 lessons over a 2 week period.


We encourage all items made in food, DT/engineering and textiles products to be taken home, however very often, foods made are eaten before they reach home, which is a good sign!


In all subjects (food, engineering/ DT and textiles) materials/ingredients are provided for by the school, we only ask for a small donation of a 50p contribution to go back into school funds, however we do not make a profit and no young person would be stopped from taking part in a lesson activity if a contribution is not provided.


Enrichment opportunities

Within technology, young people have the opportunity to take part in educational trips/ excursions eg: health and social students have NHS talks and visits from St Johns Ambulance and to Eureka National Children's Museum. Food students cook for ‘young at heart’ Christmas party and charity events. Engineering/ DT students enjoy visits to manufacturing companies like Jaguar and Metrolink.