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Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts

The Expressive Arts faculty is made up of art, drama and music.



Our Lady’s art department aims to make art and creativity accessible for all. All students have the ability to create and appreciate. As Picasso stated ‘’every child is an artist’’


Students will explore their creativity, making unique visual, tactile and verbal responses to their feelings, ideas, cultural influences and the work of others. We encourage students to expand their thinking, developing and justifying their own opinions. Students will learn to communicate concepts, experiences and ideas across a wide range of media and techniques. We want students to feel confident to express their own feelings and opinions about art inside and outside the classroom.


At key stage 3, our students develop their artistic skills starting with mark making and colour theory, moving on to more challenging tasks as they progress. At key stage 4 students can choose from GCSE Art and Design or GCSE Photography. The courses are project based and students sit an externally set exam at the end of year 11. Students with exceptional ability can be chosen to do a GCSE in Fine Art, with the course layout the same as the other art GCSEs.



Drama is an expressive and engaging subject at Our Lady’s which blends practical work and theory to create critical thinkers and theatre makers of our students. Drama also naturally provides a forum and opportunity to develop key social and interpersonal skills, through role play and other techniques, which are highly sought after at both higher education level and in the jobs sector across all disciplines. We are an inclusive and dynamic department with excellent studio facilities and an exciting curriculum.



Our music department delivers a wide range of topics at KS3, including popular music, Gamelan and film music composition, and at KS4 deliver Edexcel GCSE music. Pupils have a variety of instruments to use within the classroom setting, including keyboards, djembe drums, ukuleles, glockenspiels, samba drums, plus a full suite of iMacs. Pupils at KS4 are able to take part in free instrumental lessons on a wide range of instruments delivered by professional visiting music tutors, including vocals, woodwind, brass, guitar and drum kit.
Extracurricular clubs in the department include ukulele club, keyboard club, choir and music theory club. Miss Durbin, Miss Nicholson and the music team look forward to welcoming you on your musical journey at Our Lady’s!