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What is Computer Science?

Computer science has been created to get students working with real-world practical programming and techniques. The GCSE comprises of two exams and provides students with a good understanding of the fundamental principles of computing.


The specification recognises well-established computing methodologies alongside technological advances in such a dynamic subject so students can understand what makes technology work


This challenging programme features ‘Computational Thinking’.

  • Computational thinking involves applying problem-solving skills and techniques.
  • Computers do not think for themselves, they are given instructions to produce an output.
  • As students of computer science, you will use logical reasoning to work out what a computer or program will do.
  • You will learn the techniques of how we start with a problem and end up with a solution / program.


What is Information Technologies (IT)?

This is a btec qualification comprising of an exam and coursework. The course is designed to give pupils a real understanding of your digital environment, develop key skills, and prepare you for future use of IT in their chosen careers across a wide range of job roles.


Pupils will be undertaking the new vocational course in IT and acquire the skills in studying information technologies to aid progression to further study and preparation to enter the workplace.