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Equal Education Chances

Last week, I had the privilege to meet some volunteers from Equal Education Chances, who were using some of our school facilities to pack relief packs for families and carers of children with disabilities who have been struggling to get food during this pandemic.


Equal Education Changes (EEC) are a non-profit organisation that aims to support and empower children and young people living with disabilities to learn and develop academic, social and vocational skills as well as assisting their families. Recently, volunteers for the charity have been delivering activity booklets to disabled children around Manchester to help them continue to develop their skills whilst working from home. This food relief project stemmed from a growing need from families for basic food supplies, families that have been struggling to find the time and funds to gather food for themselves.


The project was generously funded by Cash for Kids, and their funding ensured that the team of volunteers for EEC could pick up food items to feed a large number of families around the area.  Overall, the project took three days, with the first day dedicated to collection and drop off of essential food and supplies, the second for packing the boxes and the third for hand delivering each family relief pack. As the charity has so many willing volunteers, they were split into three groups to give everyone a chance to do their bit.


I had the pleasure of interviewing and photographing the group on Thursday, who were incredibly welcoming and in my short time there, it was easy to see just how committed each and every volunteer is to their mission. The volunteers ranged from ages as young as 15 and consisted of a number of family members also. Some of the volunteers were even current and ex-students of Our Lady’s, which is why the charity were delighted that we could host their efforts.


In the end, the volunteers were able to deliver packages to over 100 families. We were more than happy to have hosted the project that will help so many people in this difficult time, and we wish them all the best in their future endeavours.


Equal Education Chances meet every Friday for a free weekly family forum between 10am-2pm at Blackley Fire Station. They run sessions covering education, wellbeing, recreation and advocacy for families and carers of children with disabilities. If you would like to be involved in their future charity projects, you can contact the group via Facebook at Equal Educational Chances or e-mail at


Kirsty McCarten